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From P60 through your mind

Published on December 13, 2011 16:10 Berlin Time

From P60 through your mind In September we interviewed Forteba about his discoveries in house music and beyond but the story is not full without his friend From P60. If you heard them playing together you would know the reason as the music they make together exists on the highest level with tunes that are an uplifting travel through your mind. Much has happened since From P60’s last LP on IRMA Records in 2009 so we sat down for a nice conversation about his new music that is set to come in 2012.

Often you play together with Forteba. Listening to your back to back sets, you’re very complementary. What do you think are the differences and similarities in your music? How did this cooperation develop between the two of you?

Krisztián tought me how to make music. That’s where our cooperation comes from. Later I started to go on my own way and that’s where the difference comes from. Our music is different because our taste is different; he prefers synth sounds, I prefer live instruments. While we are playing music together we try to match these two worlds, which might turn out to be a special thing.

From P60 with Forteba-Unknown Roads by From P60/The Headloop

Is music making more intuitive or a more conscious process for you?

I really try to use as much sounds as necessary, I don’t like messed-up music. For me it’s important for the sounds to be separable from eachother. As I am finishing a track, I always start to think how I could subtract things, what’s unnecessary. Music making is rather an intuitive thing followed by a cleaning process. I start always with the drums, then bass, and so on.

D&B, jazz and disco are great inspirations for you, but your tracks are rather minimal, tech tunes. Why is that?

Unfortunately I have my own limits, which I’m trying to break through but that’s not easy. The moment comes for all and you have to decide where to go forward. I have been buying lots of disco and jazz vinyls, even if I didn’t play them. Somehow I felt I have to choose this direction to go forward, so you will be able to feel the effect of that on my new music.

Many people make music on iPad and a computer but at the same time there’s a renaissance of old instruments, machines, synths. What do you think which way is the best to make music?

I think you need to find a kind of balance between the two methods. I like the Reaktor software, but I’d never sell my Korg MS2000. If I had to choose, I definitely prefer live instruments.

From P60-Improve me by From P60/The Headloop

How familiar are you with recent trends like post-dubstep, UK garage, etc.? Is there any genre you want to build into your music?

Dubstep is far away from me, so is UK garage. I like speed garage but that’s an old story. Am I old? Recently I’m into old things, disco, jazz, classic house and the like.

How did you make the new EP? Was there any collaborations or a concept?

The new EP has three lounge tracks. Preparation took a long time, but I tried to come out with clean material. I had difficulties to show a world which wasn’t my character before. Experiments and ideas took a lot of time. I collaborated with Virág Keszthelyi (vocals), Bálint Gyémánt (guitar), Richárd Szaniszló (vibrafon). The concept is the EP itself, moods and sounds of the tracks. It will be available soon in digital format only.

You mentioned before a collaboration with house diva Lisa Shaw. How did you meet?

The song is about to be finished. I’ve already got the vocals, which are a hit on their own! The idea to work together came from a German friend of mine, Jost Gerischer at Pesto Records. I sent him some tracks as I was curious about his feedback. His first question was to me why not to work with Lisa Shaw? Jost connected us so we started to collaborate. It turned out later that her manager worked for a label I used to release some albums on. World is small.

From P60 with Virag-All i can do by From P60/The Headloop

What are your plans for next year? You said you don’t want an LP, but EPs.

I want two new EPs in 2012. One in similar style like the lounge-ish Hurts EP, and one house EP. For now I don’t want an LP. I feel comfortable with EPs, because my work pace has slowed down. Sometimes I’m just listening to the tracks, I don’t do anything, just listening to the almost finished tracks. Sometimes I change them, or take out something. I used to hurry before, but I see music making in a different way now. I prefer to take out things, thinking on how to make my music more simple and clean. This is my method now.

What were the last 10 tracks you have been listening to?

01. Erik Satie – Gymnopédie No1
02. America – Ventura Highway
03. Obi Best – Green and white stripes
04. Via Audio – Developing Active People
05. Lowtec – Mitre Peak
06. Soul Mann & The Brothers – Bumpy’s Lament
07. Ricardo Villalobos and Max Loderbauer – Recat
08. Koss Henriksson & Mullaert – Monday Conversation
09. Koss Henriksson & Mullaert – Hello People Of Earth
10. Soulstice – Love Cliche (original)