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Genesis P-Orridge, Sky Ferreira & more star in IRL

If you haven’t heard of IRL, it’s a short film by Grant Singer, written by V Magazine‘s Patrik Sandberg. It stars Sky Ferreira, Damien Echols and Genesis P-Orridge. It was scored by SALEM’s John Holland and Gatekeeper’s Aaron David Ross. It’s been selected for the Cannes Court Métrage short film competition. And it’s absolutely beautiful.

A film cast almost entirely with musicians seems an obvious step for Singer. The Los Angeles-based director has created videos for the likes of Chief Keef, The Soft Moon, and a variety of others, and IRL is imbued with the same sort of music video aesthetic. Gauzy and dreamlike, it tells the story of a New York City girl (Ferreira) who wakes up with no memory of the previous night…something that often happens in NYC, particularly after six or seventeen drinks at Union Pool. There’s more sinister connotations than a bit of debauchery, however, as Ferreira’s journey takes her across the city and into the lives of some deliciously unsavory characters, including a gun-toting P-Orridge and set to the bleak, bass-rattling score by Holland and Ross. IRL will be available on iTunes in July, but you can stream it online now at


Published June 27, 2013. Words by Daniel Jones.