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Get some wisdom from Ann Sophie Berger

Get some wisdom from Ann Sophie Berger I first came across Anna Sophie Berger when my girlfriend asked me for my wisdom tooth which had been removed in a very painful one-and-a half hour procedure at a dental clinic a few months earlier. I gave it to her without hesitation since after the surgical invention she was the one who nursed me, cooked soup and wiped away the blood from my face. A few days later she turned up with the tooth hanging on a very nice necklace fabricated by the artist and fashion student Anna Sophie Berger.

From that day on, I noticed this girl, who is only 22 years old and speaks Japanese, was everywhere. There was a great photo exhibition called “My Mothers Closet” in June, she shot the cover for an Austrian Loha-Magazine named Biorama and best of all she won the Indie Magazine Award at this year’s University of Applied Arts fashion show.

When it comes to her work with which she covers a very big spectrum of different art forms, you will quickly find out about her influences; On the one hand there is her family, and you don’t need to be Freudian to get that the early days in her life are a big factor. When you take a look at Anna’s photos you will come across her parents, especially her mother, very often.

On the other hand there is her professor at University, Bernhard Willhelm, who’s weirdness also seems to be in Anna’s head and luckily in her work too. I guess, this is what makes her an extraordinary artist.

Check out Anna Sophie Berger’s website and take a look at some of her projects. And you can get the Wisdom Tooth necklace at Wood Wood Vienna.

Published September 06, 2011.