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#gHashtag warms up Berlin for Drop Dead Festival

The Berlin-based BL4CK M4G1CK collective, creators of the popular-underground PURGE bleakrave events, are returning for their genre-reconceptualist party #gHashtag (pronounced like GASH). They’re joined by the creator of the international art music festival Drop Dead, now celebrating its 10th anniversary and in Berlin for the second year in a row, who is launching her new party The Future Was Now. Described as the kind of party where you can hear just as much coldwave as grime, it’s a theme that’s perfectly in tone with a festival as diverse as Drop Dead (the 30+ band lineup includes Pictureplane, Crim3s, Deathface, Black Rain, and Dandi Wind as well as ’80s underground legends like Lene Lovich, Sad Lovers & Giants, and Kas Product) and after last year we definitely can’t wait for more.

The party, which is being launched as a warmup for Drop Dead’s October 31-November 4th dates, takes place Saturday the 29th in Neukölln’s vast CUBE club and features two floors. The #gHashtag side, which has the support of Sick Girls, Small But Hard’s Die Soon, and Dreea (who you might recognize as Zebra Katz‘s recent DJ support), will likely be playing quite a lot of goth, future screw, hip-hop and aggressive bass, while we can expect more of a dark electro vibe from The Future Was Now (their live performances include Philly-based psychedelic house-rapper Mr. Manic and Greek post-punk act Flesh United). Whether you’re into dark, witchy fog music or booty-twerkin’ bass, this party has you covered. It’s definitely our weekend pick, so we suggest you RSVP now.

Published September 26, 2012.