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The Gorillaz Tour Diary Part 1: Albarn Takes Over Warsaw

“It’s great to be in Poland for the first time ever!” Damon Albarn exclaimed to an uproar from the crowd in front of him. His animated band’s first-ever concert in the country was at Warsaw’s Nowy Teatr, which looks like a spruced-up car assembly factory. The stage was set for an excellent introduction between the band and its enthusiastic Polish fans. For us, the big takeaway was that those who love Gorillaz are SERIOUS about their commitment to the band.

Nearly everyone present was wearing some kind of Gorillaz merch. People danced enthusiastically throughout the whole set, jumping and bouncing through new favorites and a few classics. There was an audible squeal of affirmation after nearly every Albarn-led interlude. And they supported one another; when the band selected one lucky fan to rap along on “Clint Eastwood”, the rest of the theater cheered her on.

In our review of the Gorillaz’s new album, Humanz, we decided that it’s the most 2017 record ever. After last night, we’re more convinced of that than ever. Its dark yet redemptive message seems to capture not just the spirit of the times, but the hopes and aspirations of the generations of fans connected to this very special music.

Scroll below to see photos from Warsaw. Want to see Gorillaz perform live for yourself? Then be sure to check back here on June 20 for the band’s first ever 360 video live streamed performance. For more info, click here.


Published June 15, 2017.