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Gossip’s new album hitting shelves May 11th

Gossip’s new album hitting shelves May 11th In 2009, Beth Ditto and her two band members Brace Paine and Hannah Blilie blew us away with two very intense live shows. One took place at the Electronic Beats Festival in Cologne, and the other featured Gossip headlining opening night in our own backyard – at Spingnine, Austria’s premiere electronic music festival. Later that year, Music for Men was released and following that, Gossip was all over.

Now, three years later, they’re back again in full form and are finally about to drop their third studio album. What was speculated to be called Vanilla is now set to be released as A Joyful Noise and will be heavily influenced by Abba, according to singer Beth Ditto. And as it happens, Electronic Beats will once again host the opening night of Springfestival – only this year’s main event will be the marvelous ISAM show by Amon Tobin.

Published March 26, 2012.