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We Love: Klara Lewis’s Msuic

We Love is an opportunity for EB writers to contemplate, rant, and rave about one of their current musical obsessions and the deeper issues they inspire. 

I genuinely enjoy and appreciate Klara Lewis’s Msuic EP. Its moods range from badass to spaced-out to über late-night deepness, which reflects my emotional range, and in fact I’m so impressed by this release that I’m currently lingering Lewis’s Discogs page and queuing up some tracks from her recent LP on Editions Mego. (How did I miss that LP??? Can someone send me a DL???) But, alas, the conventions of premiere posting don’t seem to reflect my feelings toward this music, so I boiled it all down to an easily-digestible outline of virtually every track post I’ve ever written. I know, how subversive of me.

A lede that contextualizes the artist and the music they make:
“Lately, we’ve been really digging ambitiously experimental electronics, so it’s no surprise that Klara Lewis’s latest EP caught our attention.”

What the EP sounds like:
-shifting ambient sonics
-industrial-tinged, teeth-gritting drone
-clicking techno beats with ultra-deep techno vibe

Some information about the artist:
-this EP is called Msuic
-comes out on Peder Mannerfelt’s label on November 24

Published November 10, 2014. Words by Elissa Stolman.