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Hype Williams on Hyperdub

Hype Williams on Hyperdub

As we reported a couple of months ago Hype Williams are just about to drop an E.P on the UK’s most forward thinking bass imprint; Hyperdub.

In typically obtuse Hype Williams fashion the record is called Kelly Price w8 gain ep vol II, but there is (of course) no Vol I to be found anywhere. Demonstrating the duo’s lo-fi aesthetic to it’s fullest, the four tracks that Hyperdub are releasing on vinyl are not quite as odd as some of the bands previous work that tends to exclusively polarize opinion. I have even heard their approach described as maddening and even ‘passive aggressive’ though how anyone could think that about songs like ‘The Throning’ I have no idea. We are most definitely fans. No news yet on the rumored album but watch this space.

Hyperdub will release Kelly Price w8 gain ep vol II on July 4th

Published May 31, 2011.