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In romance with Brodinski

In romance with Brodinski Parisian DJ and producer Brodinski has an infectious ardor when it comes to good music. Last November he released his FabricLive 60 compilation – in part to celebrate the life of his good friend DJ Mehdi. His remix of On’n’On was a homage to Justice, who inspired him as a young upcoming DJ. He holds an inherent appreciation for the art involved in music production. In his own right, Brodinski’s become one of the world’s most respected DJs – he’s prodigious, passionate and as we found out, a super-nice guy to spend an afternoon with…

Back in 2008 you were just starting out, now you’re one of the biggest DJs out there – how have the past few years been?

It’s been pretty amazing, I’m not gonna lie. It was pure happiness. I’m grateful to be able to work and travel so much; it’s been such an adventure. And I will always be grateful to the people who are actually listening to my music.

You’ve just moved to LA – how are you finding it?

Los Angeles is amazing, it’s a city where electronic music is just kicking off right now. Everything is exciting, I’m just enjoying it. It’s such a cool place where you can find inspiration, and the parties are all amazing, from Mustache Mondays to Funkmosphere…it’s such an inspiring place.

You’ve received a lot of praise for your FabricLive 60 compilation, released back in November, did you have fun making it? How did you go about choosing the records for the mix?
It was such an honor when Fabric asked me to do the Compilation. Choosing the records wasn’t simple, because you know that the mix isn’t just a podcast, it’s a real piece of work. But I always wanted to bring people and music I love into it, just working with people I know and that I want to support the music was important for me.

You’re remix of Justice’s ‘On’n’On’ is pretty hot – do you like Justice’s latest release?
I think the new Justice album is pretty amazing, I’m totally not objective about this, I always loved their music, and they were a big inspiration when I started music. But – my favorite record of 2011 was actually a free album, The Weeknd – House of Balloons. It’s still blowing my mind.

Talk to us about your label Bromance, launched in November 2011…
The second EP was released last Monday, and I am really happy about this new adventure – releasing music I love and trying to make people dance. And the same goes for Bromance, the most important thing is to continue to work with people that I love, and to retain that excitement of discovering new music.

You always seem to know the hottest tracks around – any artists you can recommend right now?
Yes! So of course I recommend everyone check out Pipes, they are part of the second split EP for Bromance (with my side project G. Vump). You should also check out Jon Convex and Ryan Hemsworth, I love what the guys from Pelican Fly have been doing recently, and that guy Morri$ is killing it too. So much interesting music is coming out right now, it’s always a big pleasure to help promote it.

You’re known for high energy electro – what do you listen to at home?
Rap, crunk and RnB are my favorites, I am influenced by southern rap a lot – cities like Memphis and Houston, listening to DJ Screw and OG RON C.

Besides moving to LA, what’s new for you this year?
Working hard on the label, touring, doing a lot of new remixes and producing new material, working with new people, combining pop and rap music. Releasing stuff is such an exciting thing for me, it’s definitely my priority this year!

Bromance #2 featuring Pipes & G.Vump was released on Monday March 12th.

Photo Credit: ©Dimitri Barclay

Published March 15, 2012.