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Interview: Disclosure

London’s Disclosure sling a distinct (and rather impressive) sound, the perfect gap between deep house, UK Garage, and bass music. Their EP The Face has barely dropped, and already it’s being heralded as some of the most anthemic bangage to hit clubs in years. Time, we think, for a chat with the brotherly duo.

You’re releasing your new album next year; can you tell us about it?
We’re working on it at the moment! It’s going to be a variety of speeds and will include a few different vocalists – some surprises in there! Getting ‘The Face EP’ out there has been really exciting and we’re really looking forward to creating and releasing a full album.

Do you think garage music could benefit from more live instrumentation?
Maybe.. I think with our music, it came naturally because we’d grown up learning instruments, i think a lot of artists in dance music get into it through djing instead.

You just completed a remix for Artful Dodger; any other big remixes planned?
Nope! That’s the last one for the year… we think!

Who would you love to remix/work with?
We’ve been doing a few collaborations for the album, we’re excited about all of them.. Other than that we’d love to work with people like Peven Everett, people with that classic sound that we could incorporate into what we do.

Where do you see the UK electronic scene heading?
It feels really healthy at the moment. There are so many young producers making really good music, that it’s only going to get better. The fact that a lot of young people are making house music really excites us – it just shows that that style of music is going to keep connecting with future generations.

Already there are so many influences being worked into dance music, from standards like grime and funk to industrial, filth and noise. What, if any, new directions intrigue you?
We mainly listen to older dance music – the classic Detroit sound has been one of our biggest influences. As has the UK Garage scene. We’re not massively into categorizing music too much, we just like music with some intelligence behind it!

What is an essential (non-technical) part of your live performance?
My brother! And maybe some sobriety.

Published July 12, 2012.