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James Pants’ Selected Sounds

James Pants' Selected Sounds Long term Stones Throw artist James Pants, who makes unclassifiable pop music with a hearty dose of weird has moved to Cologne, the German city best known for it’s design agencies and having inventing aftershave (OK some other things too, but Cologne really does come from Cologne). In his new home his latest project is a series of remixes for the Selected Sound music library label which will be released via Faces Records.

Selected Sound Remixes Pt.1 EP features two original tracks from studio wizard Klaus Weiss, who’s left of centre musical experiments for the library veered into pioneering electronica territory – fertile ground for a magpie producer like Pants who remixes a track alongside Tom Noble.

Selected Sound Remixes Pt.1 E will be released on August 22nd

Published July 25, 2011.