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Jazzanova ask you to like (and crowdfund) a band

Jazzanova ask you to like (and crowdfund) a band 69 days and 67.519 Euros to go: Jazzanova, Berlin’s electronica-meets-jazz collective are currently crowdfunding their planned documentary film ‘Like a Band’, and you can be part of that film.

The film aims to portray the 15 year long history of Jazzanova, from its early beginnings in the mid 90s and their label Sonar Kollektiv to the present day. The filming in cities such as Berlin, London, Rotterdam, and Rio de Janeiro is finished by now, but editing and production of the movie and soundtrack are quite pricey – which is why Jazzanova and their filmmakers Matthias Freier and Alexander Eckert are pledging 70.000 Euros on the crowdfunding platform Inkubato.

Head over to the project website to learn more about the project, or click here to fund the piece and see how you can have Jazzanova play a private concert to you and your best friends …

On a different note: Jazzanova Live feat. Paul Randolph at Electronic Beats Festival Gda?sk 2012 – get your tickets now!

Published March 23, 2012.