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Ken Hayakawa know his roots

Ken Hayakawa know his roots Once upon a time Austria was famous for Mozart and Haydn. Then there were G-Stone, Kruder&Dorfmeister and lounge music (it wasn’t a happy time….or maybe a bit too happy and relaxed…at least that’s the way we see it now…) In 2011 Vienna is all about Affine Records, the home of such electric wizards as Dorian Concept, Ogris Debris and The Clonious. Don’t get me wrong, music journalists all around the world have every right to praise the great label with its even greater artists (and of course we will give you insights no one else can give you over the next few months), but there is so much more interesting new music in Austria, which will also be covered here. So why not start with it today?

Ken Haykawa was born in Salzburg and like every good kid in the city of Mozart he had to learn to play the piano as a child. He swapped the instrument for a skateboard a few years later, but his love for music didn’t change. In 2003 Ken moved to Vienna and had already been a techno DJ for four years at that time. He played at several clubs like Tunnel in Linz and Flex in Vienna, which was one of the finest clubs in whole Europe for many years; It seems like djing wasn’t enough for Ken Haykawa or maybe he wasn’t satisfied at all with the techno records out there, so he started to produce his own tracks. Lucky us. Now, in 2011 there are already more than a handful of tracks and even a hit.

Take a look at his soundcloud page or watch the video of his interpretation of Reinhard Fendrich’s Haben Sie Wien Schon Bei Nacht Gesehen.

Published July 20, 2011.