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King Midas Sound documentary & upcoming remix album

King Midas Sound documentary & upcoming remix album We can never get enough of good music, naturally, and if reworking, remixing and dubbing it out creates more of it then we’ll readily embrace it. After releasing their startling album Waiting For You in 2009, King Midas Sound is readying the reworked version ‘Without You’ with help from Gang Gang Dance, Flying Lotus, Hype Williams, Kode9, Cooly G and others, scheduled to drop in november.

Coming ahead of the release of their forthcoming album, Hyperdub has now posted a short documentary which features interviews with band members, interspersed with concert footage and the obligatory moody nighttime shots of London’s deserted streets and stations. Beautifully directed by Inumikaku (Hiroo Tanaka), it’s a must see. We’re all impatiently waiting for part two.

Published September 30, 2011.