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Kompakt go knee-deep with WhoMadeWho

Kompakt go knee-deep with WhoMadeWho

Danish art-pop trio WhoMadeWho has announced they will be teaming up with Kompakt for a new mini-LP release entitled Knee Deep.

The eight-track LP will be available for purchase in mid-April, along with a smattering of European dates. Kompakt have described their new direction as one less filled with pop but a more sombre route as they expand: "Knee Deep reflects the band’s love for electronic music in conjunction with 60’s inspired psychedelic vocal productions."

WhoMadeWho have also been influenced by a number of epic events in the last twelve months which have also contributed to the nature of the record. Including having lost a childhood home to fire, marriage issues and last but not least record label disputes. A way more personal record than anything they’ve ever done.

We’ve already been served up a slice of Tomas Høffding’s side project Bon Homme (listen to his radio session with EB), but it’s been a while since WhoMadeWho released a long-player, 2009 to be exact with The Plot.

The first single will be "Every Minute Alone” and there will be remixes coming from Michael Mayer, Tomboy, Spleen United and Renaissance Man.

Check out our Slices feature with WhoMadeWho:

WhoMadeWho will be releasing their new mini-LP Knee Deep this April 11th, on Kompakt.

Published March 02, 2011.