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Listen to new James Blake/Bon Iver collab

Listen to new James Blake/Bon Iver collab Musical barriers are disappearing step by step: We’ve recently presented the latest music video by post-folk songwriter Bon Iver‘s ‘Holocene’ on EB’s ‘Videodrome‘ and now there’s a new collaboration between Iver and singer / producer James Blake.

Their song ‘Fall Creek Boys Choir’ was premiered on BBC’s Radio 1 yesterday, and since then has made its way to blogs across the world. The meta description of the corresponding YouTube stream mentions ‘Enough Thunder’ in October 2011 – whether this is supposed to be a single, EP or even an album remains unsure for now, but we’ll sure keep you posted on this.

Both artists will be on (separate) stages across Europe in November so make sure to get tickets beforehand since these shows are very likely to be sold out due to the overhype both artists received during 2011. Listen to ‘Fall Creek Boys Choir’ below:

Published August 25, 2011.