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Listen to Rush Hour’s Soichi Terada Megamix

This is an anecdotal observation: over the past few months, an understated current has picked up, subtly but pervasively, the way water spreads. Slowly but surely, people have started talking about, posting about, and playing out tracks by Soichi Terada, a Japanese house producer who founded the label Far East Recordings in 1989. Terada’s discography has been picked over several in recent months, first when Creme Organization reissued the Sunshowers EP with a few new remixes, then when London label Hhatri inaugurated its catalogue with a repress of The Far East Transcripts, and again this week with Sounds From The Far East, a collection compiled by Hunee and released by Amsterdam’s prolific Rush Hour outpost.

The latter is our main subject here. We’re pretty crazy about the 13-track compilation in this office, as is Hardwax stalwart and prolific DJ Finn Johannsen, who penned a recommendation of the double LP for the forthcoming issue of Electronic Beats Magazine. In fact, it feels like we just can’t get enough of the guy’s music, so we enlisted some fellows from Rush Hour to inaugurate our new EB Radio Megamix series with a set comprised entirely of Terada’s top-notch jams. We have hosted megamixes in the past, like Darwin’s all-Mr.G set, and we hereby vow to host more in the future.

Published February 12, 2015. Words by EB Radio.