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Listen to Sun Glitters’ Subtle and Compelling Remix of Koloto

Often the subtlest remixes are the most compelling. Luxembourgian producer Sun Glitters’ take on the title track from Koloto’s forthcoming Mechanica EP isn’t so much an overhaul as a tweak; the original’s dextrous toy piano cascades remain untouched in the foreground, while a throbbing kick and naive synth buzzes past it in a hazier light. The two takes have meshed in our minds, with the skittering half-step percussion of the original lending a ghostly charge to the spaces in between Sun Glitters’ house thumps. We can only hope that further reinterpretations from Dot, CloZee, Ekoda Map, Escaping Animals, and Set In Sand imbue this excellent release with more and more shades of detail.

Mechanica + Remixes is set for release on Abandon Building Records on October 28th. You can preorder it here, and reflect on an earlier moment in Sun Glitters’ career via our Slices feature from 2012.

Published October 06, 2014. Words by EB Team.