Telekom Electronic Beats

Telekom Electronic Beats Live is back! In 2022, we want to claim iconic spaces for new voices: to initiate new dialogues, support artistic innovation and empower the voices we believe need to be heard more clearly.

Let’s create new cultural encounters, and celebrate a peaceful and optimistic gaze towards future. For inclusion of all, these experiences will take place both in the Metaverse and in real life. Come and join us!

Strap in: Beatland gains afterburners

Join us on a mad dash through our all-new obstacle course and nab new verch items in the process, all in our very own Metaverse experience.

After welcoming millions of guests in Beatland since April, we’re commited to expanding the experience constantly. Our latest update is all about high velocity: We’re introducing Jetpacks and Wings, along with matching safety gear. You’ll cherish it, as our all-new obstacle course will take you to the top of the TV tower.

After completing the challenge, take in the birds-eye view of the premises from the perfect vantage point, then swoop down gracefully with the all-new Jetpack experience.

Explore Beatland now for free!

Telekom Electronic Beats presents: Billie Eilish Live

One gig, one night only: We reconnect with Billie Eilish for an exclusive, one-time gig in Bonn on June 1st.

See Billie before everyone else does: we’re bringing the Grammy® and Academy Award winner back to Europe. For one night only, Billie will join us in Bonn for her first show in Europe in more than two years – prior to the official start of her HAPPIER THAN EVER tour. Billie and Finneas put together an exclusive set list spanning both her debut album and her most recent sophomore album, “Happier Than Ever”.

June 1st, live in Bonn
June 1st, live in Bonn
June 1st, live in Bonn

We will be live-streaming the action on Tik Tok, so make sure to follow @electronicbeats now.

On Instagram, we’re giving away tickets for this exclusive event – find and follow us here: @electronicbeats

In order to ensure as many people as possible are able to share in this experience, we will be hosting a number of free public viewing events across Europe: We will be at the Observatory in Budapest, at Club Volksgarten in Vienna as well as in Macedonia and across multiple locations in Romania. Details to follow – join us and witness Billie!

Claiming space for new voices

The Electronic Beats Festival visits Budapest on June 11th

For the third stop of our return to live events, we are visiting one of the most iconic spaces in eastern Europe: Főzdepark in Budapest. The vast industrial complex will be turned into a glittering showcase that will celebrate artistic expression, diversity and optimism.

June 11th 2022, Doors 15:00
Főzdepark Budapest
Free entry!

By connecting progressive artists to a place that is deeply rooted in Budapest’s heritage and now contributes to its creative blossoming, we want to reclaim spaces for voices that deserve to be heard more clearly. That said – here is our line-up for the day:

Django Django
Priya Ragu
Hundred Sins

Follow @electronicbeats for all the latest on the festival and to catch all special announcements as we ramp up to the event. See you in Budapest!

Zagreb's Kockica cube hosts young stars

We are claiming two more iconic stages for a diverse line-up on September 10th

Stop number four in this year’s Telekom Electronic Beats Festival tour is Zagreb. We will meet our friends and followers in Croatia in two locations – one during the day and one club night. For both, we’re bringing some of the most innovative young artists from across Europe.

For the day show, we will set up our stage in front of the Kockica building – the postmodern cube that has become a landmark. We’re looking forward to claim space for electronic music’s eternal messages of inclusivity and freedom of expression, offering it to Zagreb’s enthusiastic crowd.

September 10th 2022, Doors 15:00
Kockica, Zagreb
Free entry, limited capacity

Mura Masa • Georgia • Eartheater • Trokut

When day turns to night, we will head to Peti Kube, Zagreb’s premier club venue to throw an intimate party with sets by three exciting DJs.

September 10th 2022, Doors 23:00
Peti Kupe, Zagreb
Free entry, limited capacity

Afrodeutsche • Maja Pa • DJ Labud • Feelipa

Follow @electronicbeats for all the latest on the festival and to catch all special announcements as we ramp up to the event. See you in Zagreb!

Join us at Beethovenfest

Bring your friends – we'll bring ours: Hania Rani & Alarm Will Sound

Beethovenfest celebrates the famed composer’s legacy by pointing to the future. This year, we’re curating an evening section of the programme, and we are inviting Hania Rani and Alarm Will Sound to play Bonn’s Pantheon.


The piano virtuoso: Hania Rani

An accomplished pianist, composer and overall musical virtuoso, Hania Rani weaves her piano-based pieces with electronic elements to create a deep, spherical mood that magicaly alludes to states of meditation and rave at the same time. Hania is going to play an exclusive live set for us.


Aphex Strings: Alarm Will Sound

The US-based ensembla dubs its work “Acoustica”, marrying Electronica and acoustic music to create all-new, mesmerizing musical experiences of well-know electronic pieces. Referencing the sound of after hours and chill-out spaces, Alarm Will Sound’s orchestral takes of tracks by the likes of Aphex Twin and Tim Exile point to the tight relation between classical music and the club – adding future-forward perspectives to Beethoven Fest.

The Grande Finale

We're closing our 2022 at Bikini Beach Bonn with the patron saint of Techno: Sven Väth

Surprise, surprise! We’ve got one more trick up our sleeves to close this year’s epic tour through Europe and the Multiverse. In a summit of generations, we’re pairing two bright stars with Sven Väth, the patron saint of Techno. We cannot think of a better way to demonstrate that Electronic music knows no age and no borders. The line-up:

Sven Väth
Maurizio Schmitz

“I missed the rave, and I missed the bodies and the sweat, I missed the good spirits, and I missed the laughter”, Sven tells us. “Our music has always been about connecting people and connecting generations. I could not be more thankful to be back where I belong.”

Our closing event will take place at Bonn’s Bikini Beach, for the proper outdoor vibe. Tickets are limited – get yours now!

September 18th 2022, Doors 14:00
Bikini Beach, Bonn