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Lone discovers the ‘Galaxy Garden’

He’s always been ahead of the music Zeitgeist anyway, so why should Matt Cutler aka Lone be changing this pattern now?

The Manchester-based producer and Magic Wire Recordings label founder is currently working towards the release of his fifth album, titled Galaxy Garden, which he’ll be putting out through Belgian/British R&S Records in May.

While his last album Emerald Fantasy Tracks (2010) already sent us on a journey through modern dance music, soldering up house, hip hop and rave elements, we’re now expecting an interstellar adventure with Galaxy Garden. R&S just released a preview for the album, the forthcoming single ‘Crystal Caverns 1991’ – out March 26 – comes with b-side ‘Vulcan Mill Acid’, a new track which won’t be appearing on ‘Galaxy Garden’ – stream the synth bleep-heavy and drum-playful track below:

The album is reported to feature collaborations with Machine Drum and Planet Mu‘s Anneka, the colourful artwork (see above) comes from Glasgow’s Tom Scholefield aka Konx Om Pax, who previously did visual works for Hudson Mohawke, Martyn and Lucky Me collective. Galaxy Garden is out on May 7th 2012.

In related news: after a series of R&S label nights, the British label will host a full night at Berghain floor on March 9th. Space Dimension Controller, The Chain, Airhead, and Pariah are billed, also there’s some chap called James Blake who’s supposed to play a dj set – let’s see how this goes (To be honest: it went pretty great when he DJed during Sub:stance night in October 2010.)

Lone – Galaxy Garden:
1. New Colour
2. Animal Pattern
3. Out Run’s Splash Wave
4. As a Child
5. Cthulhu
6. Lying in the Reeds
7. Dragon Blue Eyes
8. Crystal Caverns 1991
9. Raindance
10. Dream Girl / Sky Surfer
11. Earth’s Lungs
12. Spirals

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Published February 23, 2012.