Miike Snow deliver a ‘Devil’s Work’

Miike Snow deliver a 'Devil's Work' Long-awaited, finally ready to hit the public: Miike Snow‘s yet untitled sophomore album will be released in March 2012. It kind of feels much longer ago than just two years since the Swedish three-piece created a buzz with their self-titled debut album.

Now Andrew Wyatt, Christian Karlsson and Pontus Winnberg are finally back with their new track, named ‘Devil’s Work’. While it’s worth a note that diabolic titles seem to be on the rise (cf. Apparat, ‘The Devil’s Walk’ and Zomby, ‘A Devil Lay Here’), Miike Snow are approaching their first step quite on the pop foot: Wyatt’s tender vocals, hymnic piano arrangements and emphasizing horn sections and complex drumming make this all killer, no filler.

Alongside the new track, Miike Snow have revealed a new video short which they’d like to be understood as a “film accompaniment”, not as an actual music video. Director of photography was Swedish filmmaker Andreas Nillson, previously responsible for amazing flicks such as ‘If I Had a Heart’ (Fever Ray), ‘This Must Be It’ and ‘Adventures in Barbieland’ (Röyksopp), ‘Like A Pen’ and ‘Silent Shout’ (both The Knife), and of course Miike Snow’s ‘Rabbit’ (amongst others).

Listen to and watch the new piece below:






UPDATE, Dec. 9th: The player above isn’t working anymore, watch the video here (if you can).