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Miike Snow’s Jean Noel saga continues with ‘The Wave’

Miike Snow's Jean Noel saga continues with 'The Wave' If you recall Miike Snow‘s last video ‘Paddling Out’, a group of people were abducted and transported to space as part of an experiment to create the perfect human being, aka Jean Noel. After crashing to earth, the story picks up with their new video for ‘The Wave’. Swedish director Andreas Nillson (whose work also graces videos for the likes of MGMT and Fever Ray) returns once more to for this one. He’s created a strange world for Miike Snow indeed, and we’re absolutely transfixed by the visuals. Burning houses, secret police burials, and a small army of large-nosed aliens who look like they stepped out of a NI? video circa ’96. Check it out below, and be sure to check out EB Festival Cologne, where they’ll be playing with the amazing Austra, The Kills, and more.

Published March 29, 2012.