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Mimicking Salem

Mimicking Salem

"There is a song going around called ‘Nite Daze’ that someone is trying to pass off as ours… WE HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH THAT SONG or the quote that’s going along with it :("

When Salem, the Michigan-based witch house sensation of 2010, posted this statement on their facebook page last night the harm was already done. Earlier on Thursday an e-mail, supposedly sent out by Salem’s very own press agency Biz3 Publicity landed in hundreds of inboxes, containing a "new" track by John, Heather and Jack.

‘Nite Daze’ was soon posted by several blogs leaving Salem fans all over the world wondering about its poor production and the hilariously shabby vocals. According to the online magazin Sentimentalist the mystery has now been solved: two students at NYU proclaimed to have spread the faux track as part of a project for their their Digital Art class. "We were asked to intervene into society using the internet" one Abby Echiverri revealed. And thus reminding us once again not to believe everything that’s written on the net, perhaps not even this.

Published April 08, 2011.