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Modeselektor open up

Modeselektor open up Details of Monkeytown the upcoming full-length album from Berlin’s own Modeselektor have finally arrived. Although the duo’s third album isn’t out until September, their blog has been very particular about how much information they want to leak. Up until now the only information has been rumour and hearsay, but Electronic Beats can now confirm what’s in store. Not only are some of the rumours true – Radiohead’s Thom Yorke, LA rapper Busdriver, Miss Platnum and the Anti Pop Consortium are all down on at least one track each (Thom Yorke features on two), but previously unmentioned (but not surprising) guests will include Otto von Schirach, Pillow Talk, Gordon Boerger, Siriusmo and Sacha Ring from Apparat.

The tracklist is as follows:

1. Blue Clouds
2. Pretentious Friends feat. Busdriver (emergency call by Pillow Talk)
3. Shipwreck feat. Thom Yorke
4. Evil Twin (vocals by Otto von Schirach)
5. German Clap
6. Berlin feat. Miss Platnum
7. Grillwalker
8. Greenlight Go feat. PVT (drums by Gordon Boerger, additional synth by Siriusmo)
9. Humanized feat. Anti Pop Consortium
10. This feat. Thom Yorke
11. War Cry (guitar by Sascha Ring)

Another ‘secret’ is the double album cover feature. One will be (as you would probably expect) a printed version and the other is an ‘interactive’ version. Pictured above is a still from the interactive cover. We don’t quite know what this entails, except that it looks like a spirograph, but it sure makes us curious!

Modeselektor “Monkeytown” (MONKEYTOWN015) OUT BETWEEN SEP27-OCT04 by Modeselektor

Published July 19, 2011.