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Moodymann is never lonely with Junior Boys, goes roller skating in Detroit

Kenny Dixon Jr. aka Moodymann aka Moody etc etc is the man when it comes to techno and house from Detroit.

Just remember tunes such as ‘The Dancer‘, ‘Shade of Jae‘ or ‘Freeki Mutha F cker‘ which surely will make every club go bananas. And then there was Oliver $ in early 2011, who used KDJ’s live rants and shout outs for his track ‘Doin’ Ya Thang‘.

So, now that we had that good old shit and that other new shit, here’s some very fresh shit: KDJ just released a new video for his Moody cut ‘(I Guess U Never Been Lonely)’. The track comes with vocals by the Junior Boys and the track description gives a shout out to producer J1 aka The Deer, who passed away in November 2011. Watch the video of the new Moody below.

Also, KDJ will be playing ‘Soul Skate‘ at Detroit’s Northland Skating Rink on Memorial Weekend 2012. Further sets will come from Big Bob (NYC), Ken Smalls (Detroit) and Mz Tone (Chicago). Watch the video below to get your drool on and get your flight tickets booked!

Photo: CC | 5gig / Flickr


Published December 16, 2011.