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Moun10: Yet another hot label from Vienna

Moun10: Yet another hot label from Vienna We know Marlene Stefanie Engel from the work she did for Soundframe Festival and recently for some of the most exciting nights Vienna has ever seen. Marlene organized the first show of Jacques Green, Disclosure and Kidnap Kid in Vienna, and yesterday she even rattled the pots and pans at the delectable new restaurant Zweitbester.

As far as we’re concerned, this is more than enough to declare this girl officially awesome. But on top of it all, she’s gone and started a label! It’s called Moun10, and their first release – an EP by the UK band Rounds – will be out on March 30th 2012. It features four tracks and two remixes, including one by L.A. producer Anenon, (whose first album will be out later this year on NON Projects) and another by Viennese veteran Fauna.

And of course, there’s going to be a release party. We’d advise you not to miss it!

Moun10 Release Party
March 30th 2012, Pratersauna
xxxy, Rounds, IVVVO and many more

Published March 19, 2012.