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New Death Grips video

New Death Grips video  Ex-Military by Death Grips has been one of our favourite mixtapes this year – in fact it is contender for our favourite hip-hop release of the year ( or was it My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy ..?). Brutal, uncompromising and dark, the sinister moan of a death growl over rotoscoping percussion, chest crushing bass and an all out sonic assault on the senses makes us scared like little kids watching horror films. And so why not bring on a bit more of terror with their latest video for ‘Black Google’ which consists of MC Ride staring out of the screen and wandering around in a semi-threatening way. Directed by Sean Metelrkamp the video is available at the band’s ‘Black Google’ page, which also serves as somewhere to find deconstructed parts (i.e stems for your own remixes) of Death Grips tracks.

Published September 12, 2011.