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New Electronic Beats Magazine winter edition out now!

New Electronic Beats Magazine winter edition out now! Is it December already? Gosh, time flies. It’s been in spring 2011 when the first revamped issue of Electronic Beats Magazine hit the shelves, and the third edition is nearly here. Please welcome Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire, Mr. Bryan Ferry.

The singer and fashion icon salutes us from the cover of the new winter 2011/2012 issue of EB magazine and we’re very excited that we had the possibility to bring him together with Dieter Meier, acclaimed musician better known for his work with Yello. Both, Meier and Ferry, met in London in November for an in-depth conversation.

Further topics of the new issue are Zola Jesus, who took our hearts by assault with her album Conatus and a bunch of live shows at Electronic Beats Festivals throughout the year – she covered the work of director David Cronenberg for us. Brandt Brauer Frick revealed their ABC, Azari & III count to ten, Anika told editor-in-chief Max Dax which song changed the world and Caribou met with Pantha du Prince in Turin for a conversation.

Even more articles come by and with Alva Noto, Aérea Negrot and Billie Ray Martin, Steven Levy and Tuxedomoon‘s Blaine L. Reininger – quite a good read this looks like.

The new issue will hit the shelves on December 8th 2011, grab it from one of the locations listed here, or subscribe to the magazine here. Also, stop by Electronic Beats Presents Bryan Ferry live in Berlin (sold out though) and ‘Bryan Ferry – An Exhibition‘ (open until January 8th 2012).

Published December 08, 2011.