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New Electronic Beats Slices DVD is coming!

New Electronic Beats Slices DVD is coming! Most of you should know the deal by now: a new Slices DVD is being published every third month, and at this point there are quite a number in the wild. Next up is Slices issue 2-12, to be released soon-ish.

Once again the Slices team travelled the globe to bring you an insight into the world of electronic music production: in Canada’s Toronto and Montreal the team met My Favorite Robot, James Teej and Footprintz, in Copenhagen they’ve visited Anders Trentemøller at the studio, and in London they interviewed Bernard Sumner, Gillian Gilbert and Stephen Morris of legendary Manchester band New Order.

For the first installment of the rubric ‘New Faces’ Slices travelled to the city of Pozna?, meeting Maurycy ‘Mooryc‘ Zimmermann, a very talented, up-and-coming Polish producer and singer who recently collaborated with Douglas Greed on the KRL album, remixed Console, and just released his new EP All Those Moments on Freude am Tanzen.

Finally, returning to Berlin the Slices team portrayed producer Jimmy Edgar who just released his album Majenta on Scuba’s Hotflush label.

Slices issue 2-12 also recalls this year’s Electronic Beats Festival in Gda?sk with a recording of Squarepusher‘s UFABULUM live show.

Pre-order Slices issue 2-12 today, subscribe to the full DVD series, or pick up your free copy from one of these locations.

Until then, check out all full-length features from our current Slices issue 1-12 on our YouTube channel (and don’t forget to subscribe to the channel for convenient updates in the future).

Published May 30, 2012.