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New mixtapes from Kingdom, Teen Witch, Com Truise, & Dom!

New mixtapes from Kingdom, Teen Witch, Com Truise, & Dom! It’s Mixtape Day here at the EB offices! We’re always hungry for audio to shriek and yell about like brutes, and today we’re definitely having plenty of auralgasms thanks to four new mixtapes. Kingdom‘s is perhaps the most surprising: it’s for a video game. The Fade To Mind head was chosen to curate a mix of dark, cutting-edge club music by the makers of upcoming game The Darkness II, and naturally features killer selections like Nguzunguzu and Fatima al Qadiri. Download it here. Teen Witch‘s mixtape is not surprising it all; we already knew we were gonna love it. The Chicago CULTist (who just released the first issue of his reconceptualized-culture magazine….buy it!) has put out a special compilation for Opening Ceremony that’s full to the brim with the sort of mutated pop madness we expect from him, including a few choice edits.

Teen Witch Chatroom Crush Mix

Meanwhile, Dom (of Mount Kimbie fame) made a mix for the radio show NST. It can be streamed here about an hour in and features EB faves like Death Grips, MikeQ and The Bug. If all of this bass is making you too hyper, cool down with Com Truise‘s Check Yo Ponytail mix below, which features plenty of ’80s minimal wave nostalgia.

Com Truise’s Check Yo Ponytail Mixtape

Published February 07, 2012.