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New videos from Clams Casino and Salem

New videos from Clams Casino and Salem

Have you been disturbed today?

The future is dark and hazy, and found footage videos are the perfect visual accessories. Both, Clams Casino and Salem have just dropped new videos for their recent releases. Clams Casino are rebranding 90s trip-hop with woozy, slo-mo beats to something we can probably call post-chillwave. Not long ago Clams Casino, who was responsible for Lil B and Soulja Boy‘s finest, eeriest beats, dropped a great instrumental mixtape which you should check here.

Now signed to TriAngle Records, Clams Casino’s track Gorilla is less about the chop and screw and all about the goth/crunk beat. Which is handy, as there he can meet up with Salem: their new single called Sick, whi(t)ch is one of our top tracks from their debut LP King Night now has a self-directed found-footage music-video as well. The band uses distorted footage of hip hop videos and urban gang violence mixed with footage from their live shows. And his fits perfectly with their dark-hop sounds.

Make sure to keep both Salem and Clams Casino on your radar.

Published April 27, 2011.