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On Vatican Shadow and the Far-Right

We react to the article 'About Vatican Shadow Link With the Far-right’


This week, in an article titled About Vatican Shadow Link With the Far-right, culture journalist Jean-Hugues Kabuiku has highlighted relationships between experimental producer Dominick Fernowalso known as Prurient, Vatican Shadowand ideologically questionable collaborators, some of whom seem to have ties with Nazi groups. The fact that those relationships fell through the vigilance of the press for so long is of course thought-provoking.

In the early to mid-2010’s, Dominick Fernow was reported on several times by Electronic Beats. At the time, the editorial team was not aware of those collaborations. With today’s knowledge, we clearly distance ourselves from this artist. We acknowledge the mistakes that were made. Additions will be made to any article on the TEB site that previously reported on and supported the work of Dominick Fernow.

At Electronic Beats, we reassert our commitment to the core values of electronic music: freedom, connectivity, equity, and inclusion. We do not tolerate any form of discrimination and clearly reject attitudes that divide instead of connecting. We stand firmly against any type of bigotry, racism, sexism, fascism, xenophobia, LGBTQ-phobia, and systemic oppression.

The TEB team.

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Published July 14, 2021.