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oOoOO yeah: a new EP is on the way

oOoOO yeah: a new EP is on the way Fuck witches, get money: oOoOO is back, kids. After a relatively long silence since his self-titled 2010 EP (broken only by his beautiful Rick Ross cover with Butterclock), San Francisco’s Chris Greenspan is back with a new EP. Our Loving is Hurting Us is set to drop April 10th on Tri Angle and features five tracks of what will probably be some pretty sick fogged-out 808 sex. Joining him once more is the lovely Laura Clock, who lent her songwriting skills and spectral diva voice to parts of the album. Stream ‘Hustling’ below for a taste of what’s to come, and if you’re in Berlin be sure to catch oOoOO and Butterclock when they perform tomorrow at Berghain for CTM‘s Tri Angle showcase, also featuring Holy Other and Balam Acab!

Our Loving is Hurting Us
01 TryTry
02 Springs [ft. Butterclock]
03 Starr
04 Break Yr Heart
05 NoWayBack [ft. Butterclock]

Published February 01, 2012.