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Otto von Schirach: the mutant behind the music

Otto Von Schirach Electronic Beats

If we had to choose a cultural hero to answer our life questions, we’d probably choose Otto von Schirach. In fact, we did just that, in this article you’re reading, right now. Good for you! The Florida freakazoids long-awaited new LP Supermeng recently dropped on Monkeytown, and has been rattling the underground airwaves with its chaotic blend of breakcore, Miami booty bass, and fist-friendly dubstep. We thought it appropriate to present the fist of friendship and get inside that pointy-peaked kopf of his. What goes into his mustache grooming routine, for example? What special oils does he use that make us want to tug and pluck at that bad boy? “First I take eight .jpegs using holographic imaging, then with the Zorgon Switchblade 3000 Shavemaster (Supermeng’s handy shaver) I decide on the look of the day.” says Otto. “Sometimes I go with ‘El Latino’, or ‘El Sucio’ , or the classic pencil, but always the ‘Supermeng’.” We quickly informed the police of Illegal Technology Use; expect a much less sexy ‘stache in the future. We have facial hair envy. No apologies.

Supermeng‘s focus on more dubstep-heavy sounds, as opposed to the weirdo-rave mutancy of former work like Magic Triangle and Spine Serpents From Sperm Island, has raised a few eyebrows (less manicured than Otto’s, but not for long…) but it’s all part of the plan. “As Otto von Schirach I’ve made six million songs. As Supermeng I made another six billion. Humans only understand 1%. so I cant share everything until the year 2087.” As we expect Otto (and a goodly chunk of anyone else reading this) to be dead by then, most will never hear such a large number of unreleased tracks, and any survivors will have to face a bleak musical landscape labeled UNDISCOVERED WORLDS. Will we be pouring Schirach-sounds into our ears after death? What is death? How much chloroform does it take to make a grown-up person sleep? How many calories in a slice of cake? Maybe Jeeves knows the answers, but we aren’t brave enough to ask him. Otto either doesn’t care or knows more than he’s willing to tell, but post-life aficionados can look for him floating in the great beyond. ~ photo by Monica Lopez de Victoria

Published August 01, 2012.