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Pantha du Prince curates ‘Kunst als Klang’

Pantha du Prince curates 'Kunst als Klang' Bell techno. Is there such a genre? Hendrik Weber aka Pantha du Prince would no doubt be offended when labeled like this, but it nails down his latest project – The Bell Laboratory, pretty well. Together with Norwegian composer Lars Petter Hagen and other musicians, the Hamburg based producer developed a fusion of techno and 20th-century classical music.

After being premiered at this years Øya Festival, Weber is working hard on bringing this piece of rhythmic percussion music played on a carillon consisting of 64 bells to concert spaces all over Europe.

The first confirmed show of The Bell Laboratory on continental Europe’s ground is – wherelse (sigh) – Berlin, where Pantha du Prince will be curating three nights at Gallery Vittorio Manalese in September. Besides the performance of The Bell Laboratory, Weber lined up fellow musical crossers Chloé, a special performance by Philipp Sollmann (Efdemin) and Berlin based design bureau JuToJo, sets by NSI, Arnold Dreyblatt Trio, Natalie Beridze, a special live perormance by German krautrock legends Faust as well as Moritz von Oswald (Basic Channel) and Rashad Becker playing a single musical note.

More information on the event ‘Kunst als Klang’ and ticketscan be found here (in German). Hopefully there will be more shows of The Bell Laboratory outside the German capital soon. In the meantime: watch the short video of the Laboratory’s live performance at Øya 2011 below.

Published September 05, 2011.