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Paris’s Dement3d Crew Rolls Out Foggy Bridge Techno With Hiss:1292

Last spring, I was buying a lot of house records, but somewhere in the last few months my mood switched to favor more brooding techno sounds. The shift is probably due to winter’s approach, and my mind matches cold/dark/foggy weather with cold/dark/foggy audio. My vibe is currently “foggy bridge techno,” so if my records were a picture they would look something like this:

foggy bridge 940

I’m writing about all of this to explain part of what attracts me to Paris’s Dement3d label, which houses some of France’s finest spaced-out beatmakers, including Polar Inertia and Hiss:1292. The latter is a joint project by producers Francois X and Opuswerk, and they’ve sent us their latest EP, a four-tracker titled Vévé. The blunted kicks are wrapped in white noise, embellished with percussive crackles and snaps, and embroidered with bleeps. Foggy bridge techno indeed.

Check out the Vévé EP here before it drops via Dement3d on November 10:

Published November 06, 2014. Words by Elissa Stolman.