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EB Radio Special: The Pearson Sound Megamix

We compiled a megamix of 100% Pearson Sound tracks and remixes to honor the release of the Hessle Audio boss’s debut album.

David Kennedy has never produced a track I didn’t like. Over the past few years, I’ve amassed a collection of his 12″s under the monikers Pearson Sound and Ramadanman, as well as a number of records that he released on Hessle Audio, the label he co-runs with Ben UFO and Pangaea.

At this point I’d consider myself an ephebian expert on Kennedy’s work, and I’ve developed a theory that explains why David’s tracks are often very complex and hard to mix. I think maybe he, Pangaea, and Ben UFO practiced DJing so often that they got bored of mixing 4/4 rhythms and started trying to fuck with each other by making difficult tracks (except for Ben UFO, who only partook in the mixing of the tracks and not their creation). The intricacies of Kennedy’s rhythms made it really hard for me to mix one Dave track after another for an hour straight, so please forgive the occasional awkward transition in this megamix. I made it with two turntables, a CDJ, nine 12″s, and one CD.


Ramadanman – Core – Soul Jazz
Ramadanman – Humber – Apple Pips
Ramadanman – Revenue – 2nd Drop
Pearson Sound – Wad – Hessle Audio
Kontext – Plumes (Ramadanman Refix)- Immerse
Pearson Sound – Clutch – Hessle Audio
Pearson Sound – Work Them – Swamp81
Pearson Sound – Stifle – Hessle Audio
Sonarpilot – Voodoo Logic (Ramadanman Refix) – Sonarpilot Audio
Pearson Sound – Gridlock – Pearson Sound
Pearson Sound – Starburst – Hessle Audio
Hardrive – Deep Inside (Pearson Sound Remix)- Night Slugs
Ramadanman – Glut – Hemlock
Pearson Sound – Piston – Hessle Audio
Pearson Sound – REM – Pearson Sound
Pearson Sound – Power Drumsss – Hessle Audio
Ramadanman – Penn Hill – Unreleased

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Published March 04, 2015. Words by Elissa Stolman.