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PURGE II: Slamdancing in the dark

PURGE II: Slamdancing in the dark PURGE, the new Berlin-based party which premiered earlier this month with HTRK and Bruises, has returned to bring more bass, more rage, more aggressive music to make your body ache. On December 9th, they return to the fog and flashing lights of Chez Jacki to bring you two exquisite live acts and four excellent DJs who will have you sweating all night.

Prepared to be hammered into the ground by the thrashing noise of Sun Worship and the throbbing industrial techno of Ancient Methods. Between and afterwards, Berlin’s Hanno Hinkelbein and the CirclePURGE DJs (BlackBlackGold, xorzyzt,Tom Ass) will be dishing out sonic dance mayhem. From the chaos of industrial, the 808-h8 of witch house, and the rawest, filthiest deathstep, it’s going to be a night of pure black magick. Stream the promo video below (directed by xorzyzt and dieLAMB) and RSVP here.

BlackBlackGold Mix for PURGE

Published November 29, 2011.