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Random Access Memories: MS MR

In our new regular feature, we ask artists to delve deep into their memory banks to surface with some of the tracks that have defined their lives. For this edition, we speak with Brooklyn art-poppers MS MR.


In 2012, only a few people really knew who MS MR were. Fostering an air of mystique, their press shots were faceless, their names withheld, they left it up to the music to win over people’s overtaxed attention. And it did: tracks like “Hurricane” quickly garnered numerous blog plaudits and the ear of Pitchfork with the help of the ace Tumblr-referencing video. Now, with a successful debut under their belts, MS MR have thoroughly outgrown the internet sounding—and looking—every inch the arty popstars they always aspired to be. The time seemed apt to ask the band, who rocked Zagreb instalment of Electronic Beats Festival last month, to give us the soundtrack to their lives. These are the results. Warning: contains Eiffel 65.


1) What song makes the dancefloor go crazy?


2) What was the last song you bought?


3) Which song do you never want to play again?


4) What was the first song you ever danced to?


5) Which song would make you leave the dancefloor?


6) What song is your guilty pleasure?


7) Which song do you play to impress someone you like?


8) What’s your favorite song to play when you’re getting intimate with someone you like?


9) Which song do you know all the lyrics to?


10) What song do you want played at your funeral?


Random Access Memories was inspired by Mit Vergnügen’s Musik Mittwoch feature. Read more Random Access Memories here.

Published November 28, 2013.