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Read an email Re: the new Liars album

Read an email Re: the new Liars album The other day we received an email. Well, in fact we received it but – oh, the modern technology – interesting things tend to end up in the spam folder, which is why we overlooked it. Here’s that email:

Turns out it was being sent by experimental rock / noise band LIARS, who disappeared a little bit from our radar since their last album Sisterworld (although there was a new collaboration with Blonde Redhead). Anywho, Liars are back with a new record which is about to be released in June 2012. What we can tell from the video embedded below by now is that the album probably will

A. come with a stomping beat,
B. be involving fun outside activities such as barbecueing, digging holes into the ground and spraying a garden hose,
C. come with a new band logo in L-shape.

Blimey! Come back to Berlin soon! (Actually they are coming back in June during their European tour, all dates here)


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Published March 16, 2012.