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Readers Poll 2012- Best URL –

A couple weeks ago, we asked you, the general reader, what you thought the “most useful website, blog, or web service of 2012?” The answer? Facebook!

Mark Zuckerberg’s (pictured above) social network came in first place in our 2012 readers’ poll, 24% of you voted for the blue Internet within the Internet.

While some people say that Facebook is a big waste of time and we all should invest more into calling friends via landline, most of us can’t wait for the red activity icons pop up. Facebook indeed brought over 1 billion users worldwide closer together, and the EB editorial team is often enough surprised by how many mutual friends we share with total strangers—or popular artists.

Second place was taken by another giant of the Internet: Google: 13% of all poll entries listed, its web service Gmail, the social network G+, the video platform YouTube, or other products from the Mountain View-based tech company.

Berlin-based startup SoundCloud came in third place. They’ve recently redesigned the whole platform, and we hope to see even more music and sounds being uploaded in 2013—and not just because we’ve got big plans with SoundCloud next year.

Still rising: Tumblr. The microblogging service from New York City is an incubator for all kinds of memes (often connected to cats) and serves as a content curating tool for millions of users. Electronic Beats’ online editor Daniel Jones runs a Tumblr, too—and some of you explicitly voted BlackBlackGold as best URL.

Speaking of flatteries: Thanks for liking our new website and making it the fifth best url of 2012’s interwebz—appreciated.

Not to forget: fellow music websites and services Resident Advisor, Pitchfork, and Spotify are among your favorite destinations. And thanks for liking Discogs—we love it!

Electronic Beats Readers’ Poll 2012 — most useful website, blog, or web service:
1. Facebook
2. Google
3. SoundCloud
4. Tumblr
5. Electronic Beats
6. Resident Advisor
7. Pitchfork
9. Discogs
10. Spotify

The 10th prize—a selection of 12 records from associates and members of the EB Family—goes to Ines K., Rijeka, Croatia.

Your favorite restaurant of 2012 will be following on Sunday, December 23. Find all poll results in here.

Photo: © Facebook

Published December 21, 2012. Words by Walter W. Wacht.