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Retromania hits Prague

Retromania hits Prague The obsession with newness, latest technological gadgets, hottest trends and future has turned us into wannabe prophets who try to stay ahead of the game. A new wave of nostalgists, especially from the younger generation, has emerged in thrall with vintage, old and beaten be it in design, music or art. The vinyl format is thriving and the futurist race has turned into a retro one. RETRO party, as its name denotes, delves into this past sentimentalist territory and gathers various projects and products that shun innovation in favour of old school charm. Vinyl records courtesy of Happy Feet Records, stylish retro bikes by Bajkazyl , art deco styled jewellery by Sophie’s Selection or Lomo cameras. There’s also an Expo-58 inspired showroom and cupcakes by SWEETS’N’SINS.

The event is a monthly series, the next installment is on Wednesday 28 March 2012 at 2. patro.

Published March 28, 2012.