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RIP AIDS Wolf (2003-2012)

RIP AIDS Wolf (2003-2012) It was extremely depressing to learn that AIDS Wolf have officially broken up. After nine years, four albums and some of the most spine-shattering live shows I’ve ever seen, the Montreal noisemakers have disbanded for good. “So we are playing our last 3 gigs in May” writes singer Chloe Lum. “Not because we no longer get along, cause we do, and not because we aren’t happy with the actual music making, because we are. It’s simply not sustainable to be in this type of project for us anymore.” Lum has posted a heartbreaking article on her blog, which you should absolutely read. Anyone familiar with the DIY scene will be able to relate.

So often it feels like the idea of underground music promotion is elevated to a status normally reserved for religions or cults, where promoters are forward-thinking innovators and all in attendance come with open minds and a deep love for music. The reality is much more dismal. Underground shows are often under-attended and poorly run, ‘DIY’ being an excuse to do a piss-poor job. AIDS Wolf were a special band who we saw evolve in subtle ways, but who always cared about music and put on an amazing show. What they feel is what many bands in this scene feel. If you truly love underground music, support it with your feet, your time and your money. Volunteer at your local DIY space. Don’t half-ass show promotion, whether you’re playing it, running it or attending it. Treat the bands you book and play with like they matter. Art over money, always. RIP, AIDS Wolf.

Spit Tastes Like Metal (2006)

Live (2009)

Catholic For Rent (2010)

Live (2011)

Published March 26, 2012.