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RISING – AlunaGeorge

RISING - AlunaGeorge

Sometimes you know just by looking at a band that they are going to be famous – which is no barometer of whether the music is any good it’s just the way things go right?

AlunaGeorge are one such band – a youthful duo with a look to die for and a fantastically odd approach to bubblegum pop. Like hearing the Ronettes on a distant car stereo, they make music that is laden with familiarity, and yet at the same time sonically they couldn’t be any more contemporary.

Following a trail blazed by the likes of The XX and James Blake where 2-step is the music of a nostalgic past and Aaliyah reigns supreme, AlunaGeorge have so far released just one double A-side 7" – ‘Analyzer’ / ‘We are Chosen‘. Two tiny, but perfectly formed pieces of pop music that melt my heart and skip my feet. They have the sheen of garage, but scratch the surface and you realize that there’s more going on than you would first think.

With Aluna’s voice having a child-like quality that is almost unnerving, it becomes all the more disarming when you catch her insightful lyrics. Delivered with a frankness that belies her age over deceptively simple beats and clicks, the duo are such an alarming (yet charming) bag of contradictions that every time I hear them it makes me stop what ever I am doing just to listen.

You can download an Electronic Beats exclusive below – a remix of ‘Analyser’

AlunaGeorge ‘Analyser’ Last Japan ‘Buy me a Spaceship and Fly’ remix

Published April 19, 2011.