RISING – Coppertone

RISING - Coppertone

As Coppertone, Sasha Weisman sends washes of dark synths down the mindway. The Rhode Island native, recently relocated to LA, was previously involved in the drone-heavy art-damage of Russian Tsarlag, and her own work is informed with a similar aesthetic. She ups the doom-dosage with lurking beats that bring to mind experimental legends like Cabaret Voltaire, or the drearier work of newer acts like LAs Geneva Jacuzzi. There’s a lurking beauty under that shroud, however, and it’s showcased best on her cassette tape Best Of The First Six Months. Songs like ‘Query Refinement’ and ‘Year of the Tiger’ unfold like hidden flowers, glistening in the spectral light of minimal analog synths. ‘Hummingbird’ showcases her softer side, like some forgotten Virginia Astley B-side. She still has a way to go before she finds solid ground, but the ideas she’s putting out are beautiful, sinister and rather unique in today’s more 808-minded nu-dark scene. We can’t wait to see what she does next.