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Rouge’s Foam vs Burial

Rouge's Foam vs Burial Somehow I must have missed out on bookmarking or subscribing to Adam Harper‘s brilliant blog Rouge’s Foam – excessive aesthetics back in summer 2009, when I first came across it through his blog post / essay on wonky in general and Zomby‘s ‘Kaliko’ in particular.

Harper, a musician, student in Musicology at Oxford University and author for the Guardian and The Wire magazine, brings blogging to a much different level with Rouge’s Foam, sharing in-depth thoughts on pop culture and music. One of his older articles is making its rounds through music blogs at the moment: The Premature Burial: Burial the Pallbearer vs Burial the Innovator, a profound analysis of Burial’s artistic output.

Originally published in December 2009, Harper recently brought his written words to SoundCloud, now offering his thoughts as spoken words with audio samples of the subjects he’s investigating: Burial’s view on London city, his narrative means and goals, his melodical and vocal methods, and Burial’s poetic ambitions are all there, summed up in around 50 minutes.

But there’s more: his label feature on Night Slugs records and a portray of Hauntology. Make sure to listen to these audio-blogs and to subscribe to Rouge’s Foam. On a different note: still no word from Hyperdub when that HDB059 ‘Kindred’ EP by Burial will finally see the day of light.

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Published January 30, 2012.