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See ADI’s Uncanny Animated Video for “Chinatown”

Check out the captivating 3-D world ADI created for “Chinatown.”

If you’ve attended any of our recent EB Festivals, you’ll probably recognize the soundtrack to the video embedded above, as well as the young electro-pop artist who made it. Israeli singer/producer ADI opened our gigs in Warsaw and Bratislava, and tonight she’s kicking off the fun in Prague. In between acts, we usually cue up her tune “Chinatown,” a heaving broken beat with an off-kilter plink-plonk melody. The captivating visuals for the track take the “Chinatown” theme and run with it by creating a world of pagodas, maneki-neko kitties, and Chinese lanterns. It’s a tour through a setting that looks at once hand-drawn but three-dimensional and alive, which gives it the uncanny effect similar to an episode of Courage the Cowardly Dog.

ADI doesn’t appear in the “Chinatown” video, but she does star in this recap and interview segment from our series of artist workshops TMTS.

Published March 27, 2015. Words by EB Team.