See Photek live during the long Horst weekend

See Photek live during the long Horst weekend The Whitsun Bank Holiday in Berlin: when even the smallest backyard bars in Wedding are packed to the rafters with hipsters, it’s hard to know where to go first. The offer ranges from Carnival of the Cultures, Berghain, Chez Jackie and many more of our favourite places and events, but there are one or two nights we can recommend in particular. If you danced to broken beats in the nineties, you’ll be familiar with the man who single-handedly tuned drum’n’bass into an abstract adventure for sharp-edged jazz algorithms and inspired droves of critics into ecstasies with his debut album Modus Operandi. That’s right: Photek! Once a genius, always a genius? Yes and no. At some point in the noughties drum’n’bass inadvertently lots its relevance – a development that Photek didn’t want to follow, so instead has decided to invest his still brilliantly versed studio know-how into the most technoid dubstep bangers since, ahem, Photek. You can experience him live in Horst KRZBRG this Friday, so make sure you don’t miss out.

But if you can’t make it tonight, you should at least pencil Sunday afternoon at Horst in your diary: Wax Treatment meets Version Open Air with Shackleton, Peverelist and lots of other dubstep rogues, for free and outside!