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Sisters of The Black Moon: Pagan Pendantry

Sisters of The Black Moon: Pagan Pendantry “A witch is a psychic female with magickal secrets and sheer force of will who makes things happen.” – Bruxa, Witchstep

In search of the perfect accessory to make you feel like a true Goddess at your next Sabbat? Or maybe you just want something to make that basic black ‘fit pop? Whatever your body needs, Sisters Of The Black Moon can give. For lovers of trve magick, have no fear: SOTBM aren’t just injecting a touch of symbolism into their work: they’re living it. The coven of Rachel Hunt, Alecia Marcum and Sara Larocca-Ramm first formed the shop in 2010, inspired by classic paganistic designs that wouldn’t look out of place in a Fleetwood Mac concert.

While their shop offers a variety of goods, it’s their pendants that truly enchant us. Utilizing a variety of natural materials including petrified wood, crystal, agate, brass and leather, each piece is unique and guaranteed to draw attention. Of particular interest is the black wooden canteen necklace, which can be filled with essential oils, and the Lemurian breastpiece, a large rare Brazilian crystal that would look gorgeous with just about anything. For those who wish to take their okkvlt fascination to levels beyond pentagram tote bags, or for those already connected to the spirit realm, Sisters Of The Black Moon is an excellent shop to help you enhance your physical aspect.

Published February 14, 2012.