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Slices Classics: Otto von Schirach

Slices Classics: Otto von Schirach Since his first release in 1998, Otto von Schirach established himself as one of the weirdest players in electronic music. His music is a heady, spastic cocktail of aggression and noise, skirting the boundaries of breakcore, death metal, hip-hop, noise and electro madness.

This is seriously good music that never takes itself seriously, much like its vampiric creator. Way back in 2007, we spoke with the Miami-based bassfreak about his music for our Slices 02-07 , which he describes as ‘disgusting, wet, foul’. Just the way we like it. You can check it out below, and be sure not miss ‘Super Sucia!‘, his latest video with Miami Booty Club. That’s the sexy shit, papi.

Published April 18, 2012.